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Mini Tick Bite Kit

Mini Tick Bite Kit

Kit includes the basics* for removing a tick and care afterwards based on Stephen Buhner's protocol, all* in a mini, On-the-Go kit. 

-5mL andrographis tincture

-3 grams bentonite clay

-Scoop for clay

-Tick Key


-Protocol Instructions

-Storage Container


*NOTE: The Mini kit does NOT contain Ledum 1M** The Mini Tick Kit storage container DOES have enough room for a vial of Ledum 1M. If you plan on storing your mini kit in a homeopathic safe environment, add a Ledum 1M to your basket as well. 


**Why doesn't the mini kit contain Ledum?

-Ledum is a homeopathic remedy that needs to be stored properly. The two most common places to store this handy kit are in the car or in a purse, both locations pose risks to homeoathic remedies.

Car: During the summer months, cars can become very hot with can adversly affect homeopathic remedies. 

Purse: It is common to toss your phone into a purse. EMF radiation from cell phones is damaging to homeopathic remedies.

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