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Who loves FALL???

And just like that...another week! And UF DA! Fall came in fast didn't it! Wowza. But I do have to admit, I LOVE this time of year. The smell of the air in the morning, sweatshirts, leggings (yes, I do love leggings, please don't shun me forever...). Fall brings a whole new level of needs in the herbal remedy department. We have a little family cold going around. Nothing big, few sniffles, Mama sneezing and Daddy has a tonight we had a little family gathering around my remedy tub as I dosed everyone up with elderberry syrup, vitamin C and a few homeopathics.

Also, my kids went to open gym today which meant Kiddo #1 ran at full speed for a full hour straight. I'm not even exaggerating a little. This kids was born running. See here that photo... This is my kid at 16 months at the zoo. What? You don't see him? He's the blur.

Anyway, the shift from (usually) barefoot outside running to shoe-strapped concrete floor runny brought some achy feet. Cue, herbal foot bath, healing foot cream and a little arnica.

Drop a comment below to let me know what YOUR favorite thing about fall is, or what the change of seasons means to you!

Herbal Tidbits and What I am learning...

Last week I WAS gonna talk about nettles 'til that whole almost pimple thing happened. But now it is this week and there were no major life catastrophes (#slightlydramatic), so nettles it is. Because nettles are ALSO my favorite (I "think"this is my last favorite, but I make no promises).

Nettles, yes, I mean that prickly, stinging obnoxious weed that has brought about quite a few colorful words from quite a few people just trying to grow a garden, or walk in the woods, or mow their yard. Nettles are amazing (#somanyamazingherbs). Filled with iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin K, nettles are a great addition to your kitchen! Use them in place of spinach, sauteed, smoothies, egg bakes, soups, teas and more! Wait...what's that? The stinging? Yes, you have to be careful, but once nettles are heated, cooked, baked, boiled, or dried, they no longer sting! Woot woot! Eat up, especially you lovely ladies and ESPECIALLY those of you with beautiful baby bumps and nurslings.

Know what else Nettles are good for? Seasonal Allergies! Ragweed getting the best of you?

Steep some nettle tea or cook up some nettle soup, then prepare to be amazed! (side note: Many people think they are allergic to goldenrod, but that pollen is pretty heavy and generally falls right to the ground. Ragweed, however, yeah that stuff gets A LOT of people. #youarenotalone)

Nettles can also be made into extracts. Due to the desire to draw out the vitamins and minerals, it is best extracted in vinegar. My favorite is raw apple cider vinegar! Now, I can take a shot of that stuff A-NY time! Yummers, but I get that that comes with my particular brand of craziness! So, add some honey to your vinegar extract and you've made yourself and oxymel! Throw in some other vitamin rich herbs and you've made a whole food, straight from the earth multivitamin! Check out THIS Oxymel Kit or let me know your specific needs and we can create your own PERFECT blend for tea or extracting.

Have I sold you on nettles yet? Wanna jump on the nettle train in a big way? Check out my nettle collection or order a bulk bag of dried nettle and start adding it to everything! (ok, maybe not ice cream).

October less than two weeks!

Have you ordered yet! I hope so, only 6 left (as of this second...Monday September 23, 2018, 10:18pm). Last hints for this month's box: comfort...clean...sizzle...relief (don't tangle your brain too much, these are 4 different things in the box)

Specials, sales and what's coming up???

1. Everything with NETTLES is 10% off until Oct. 2nd. Order with an October Box for FREE shipping! Use code Nettle

2. Tallow Soap sample - all orders placed this month can get a free tallow soap sample. Just write "soap sample" in the comments of your order and I'll add it to your box

3. October Box - Only 6 left! Boxes ship Oct. 3rd.

4. Don't want to make your own oxymel or extract? Pre-order a bottle of MyMinerals for delivery on Nov. 7th or

And once again...see you next Monday


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