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Whakima Weekly

Whakima Weekly

Monday September 3, 2018

Monday, again. 

Mondays are kind of like just keeps happening. Like, every day at about 4:30 I think to myself...self? what are you making for dinner? And then I vow that tomorrow I will plan better, think about it BEFORE dinner time and be prepared. And then BAM it's 4:30 tomorrow already. I do meal plan, but that doesn't help get dinner STARTED before it is actually dinner time. (Every time I have typed tomorrow so far, I spelled it "tommorow" and now I just typed "evvery". Uf da. Hopefully I am still typing English by the end of this update...) 

Anyway...nothing much new to report...just the usual...falling off ladders, another wasp sting, multiple frogs habitats built in window wells, zucchini made into fruit snacks, solar robots walking up my driveway...

ALSO: Did I just type SEPTEMBER???!?! Quick everyone run and HIDE from allllllllllll the pumpkin everything!!!! j/k, sort of.

Herbal Tidbits and What I am learning...

This week I want to talk to you about skin. Like YOUR skin. I's not "herbal-y" - but it IS one of the biggest reasons I do what I do. Stay with me. 

Your skin is your largest organ. I mean...holding everything inside your body is kind of a big deal. And so is the whole "temperature regulation, UV protection (not "production", like I first typed), sensation of touch, role in vitamin D use, wound healing, etc" thing. But it is more than that. It is also your first line of defense in MANY ways as well as a HUGE indicator of what is going on INSIDE your body.

And THAT is what fascinates me most.

Rashes? That's an immune system response to either an external or internal dysfunction. Part of your immune system is IN YOUR SKIN. We all know this, right? If you touch poison ivy (external) get an itchy (CRAZY itchy) bubbly, red, irritating, annoying, uncomfortable, did I say itchy?, 'cuz it's itchy...rash (I make a "thing" for that...spray, balm, soap, bath and "tea" to be exact, but I am getting totally off topic here). For some people, if they eat (internal) dairy or wheat or fish or nuts or...or...or...they get eczema. Or my little baby girl...when I have too much sugar, she gets cradle cap :(

Likewise, you can come into contact with something and have an internal response...simply because something TOUCHED your SKIN. Anaphylaxis - no bueno...

Anyway, my point is: Do you know what is actually in every product that comes into contact with your skin each day (soap, make up, laundry detergent, cleaners...). And more importantly, do you know what effect those ingredients have on you, your skin, your immune system, your body as a whole... All that stuff, good or bad, goes in through your skin and has the potential to harm or heal. For reals (did I just say that?) - stop bombarding your skin with things it has to filter out and start giving it things it can USE. For every toxin laden, icky stuff filled, synthetic chemical #$%@#$! that is on your shelf...there is a clean, healthy, nourishing alternative, I promise.

(Yes, I love the stuff I make. Yes, I wish everyone one buy all of it. But, honestly...there are a LOT of great companies that make a LOT of great products. Just. Like. Mine. Take care of your skin, even if it isn't with my stuff)

And just to be clear, I will still love, honor and respect you if you don't. Whether it's because you don't believe me, don't want to switch or some other matters not. YOU are still a beautiful person, THAT is what matters MOST!  

**Regular herbal tidbits will return next week**

Okay, I'll give you one cool fact. Onion skins can be used as a yellow dye. We added a little goldenrod as well (which gets blamed for a lot of allergies this time of year, when REALLY it is ragweed...) and dyed some play silks. 

Specials, sales and what's coming up???

1. September Monthly Box -

So, I only have TWO left. I finalized the contents this week guys!!!!! is OVER $40 worth of STUFF!

Here's hoping you read this email right when you got it and those two aren't gone, yet! Boxes ship WEDNESDAY for those who have nabbed theirs!

For more information or to order, click HERE and don't forget to use code SeptBox to claim your free shipping! (Plus, free shipping on everything else you order at the same time)

2. End of season progressive sale. (Gotta get rid of the iced teas to make room for chai!)

Check out the sale page for: 10% off Monday, 15% off Tuesday, 20% off Wednesday, 25% off Thursday, 30% of Friday, 35% off Saturday & 40% off Sunday

Limited quantities on ALL clearance, so act quick. Add it to a September box for FREE shipping (if you already ordered your box,  use code SeptBoxAdd for your free shipping!)

And once again...see you next Monday (or Tuesday..because #fourkids)


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