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Whakima Weekly

August 27, 2018

Monday, Monday, ba da, ba da da da...

(Anyone else get that song stuck in their head when they hear the word "Monday"? It's okay if I'm the only one. I accept my brand of crazy!)

How was your week? Fast? Slow? Trying to cram the ENTIRE summer to-do list into one week???? LOL! We had a great week here. Week three of school, and we are in a good groove and as much routine as we really get around here. My baby decided that she now likes crawling up the stairs, so in the time it took me to type JUST this far, I have pulled her off the stairs 4 times AND slowly walked behind her as she climbed the entire flight 3 times. So that's fun. Might need to change "Whakima" to "Wicabateh" (While I Chase A Baby Around The Entire House).

Herbal Tidbits and What I am learning...

I HAVE to start off this whole thing talking about one of my all time favorite herbs. It's actually a weed. A very common weed. Plantain. (not the banana thingy) I love plantain. Like a lot. I wish everyone would love plantain, or even like it a little bit. I tell everyone about it and some people look at me like I have three do what? And put it where? Aaaaaaand it works? (answers: chew it, bug bites and stings, YES!!!! <---- there I go yelling again. Still not sorry.) JUST yesterday TWO of my kiddos got stung by a wasp/hornet/bee black and yellow stripy flying insect type bug thing. (arthropodology, or even zoology for that matter are not my strong point). Ever been stung by a wasp/hornet/bee black and yellow stripy flying insect type bug thing? HURTS!

We plucked two plantain leaves, chewed them up and held them on the sting. Within seconds, all crying ceased. Kid #1 had no mark, not even redness. Kid #2 had a tiny slightly raised area that faded to a red-ish rashy thing within the hour and was gone by the next morning. Plantain, y''s awesome. (Ask me sometime to tell you about the time I went into the woods in shorts, came out with my legs looking like mosquito spit filled adult dot-to-dot puzzle. It may involve plastic wrap because this was before I learned to always have THIS on hand. Anyway...Less than an hour...gone...plantain. Love. Can't tell it now for I must yet again retrieve the 10 month old from the stairs...)

Don't want to chew up weeds every time you get bit? Afraid you will pick the wrong thing and poison yourself on a rare, deadly, plantain look alike (I made that up), going somewhere with biting, stinging things in the middle of winter when the plantain is buried under 84 feet of snow?? Have no fear! THIS plantain salve is just as amazing!

Order by August 31st for 15% off using coupon code:Plantain

Specials, sales and what's coming up???

1. Plantain salve 15% off until August 31st. Use coupon code: Plantain

2. September Monthly Box - WOW! I am a little overwhelmed by the response so far! If you ordered are going to LOVE it! If you haven't got your order in yet...there is still time, I have a few boxes left...don't wait too long, though...these beauties are going FAST!

For more information or to order, click HERE and don't forget to use code SeptBox to claim your free shipping!

3. Next week...End of season clearance! Stay tuned for more info next week when many items will be listed as end of season clearance specials!

So, once again...see you next Monday (or Tuesday..because #fourkids)


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