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The beginning and a very good place to start...

Hello and thank you for joining me! I am so very excited to have you on this journey with me!

Who am I and why am I here??!?

(That's me with my circus. I thought about trying to get a "nice" picture, but that's not the real me. This is!

I am a wife to an amazing man and mom to four beautiful (creative? rambunctious?) children. Five years ago, after three straight rounds of antibiotics for my second born, I had had enough and started to wonder if there wasn't another way. We healed his recurring ear infection naturally and it started a journey that has changed our lives. Plantain came next and we were amazed at the effect it has on bug bites. Then came elderberry syrup and then...well let's just say the flood gates opened. Plants have so many gifts to offer and I love using them as our first go-to for everything from injury and illness to bath and beauty!

And just to get this out of the way...

1. I am not an expert and never will claim to be. An herbalist I have studied from once said that you can study herbs for 5 life times and still have MORE to learn than you HAVE already learned. There is JUST that much to learn. So, please ask questions at any time and if I don't know the answer, we can learn together!

2. I try to keep things short and sweet! Whakima means While Holding A Kid In My Arms, and in true Whakima syle, my 10 month old is crawling all over my lap and desk as I try to type this email! Each weekly email will have a few herbal tidbits and facts...things I am currently learning and things I have known for a long time as well as information about Whakima Herbals sales and specials. Read some, read all, or delete without reading (because I am pretty sure we all do that from time to time)...whatever works for you...but I do hope at least some (most???!!!?) of the time you can find a minute or two to glance through my ramblings and learn somethng new :)

3. I will never (ever) do anything with your email other than send a weekly Whakima email. That's not who I am, not what I'm about. Plus I don't know how...

With that behind us..what's coming up???

TWO exciting announcements...

1. I HAVE A WEBSITE!!!!!!! (yes I am yelling wildly and excitedly, no I am not sorry) Check me out at: You probably already know that, because you are here...on the website. But this first went out in an email, so it was actually relevant then...

2. September Monthly Box orders now open. Wait...what?!? What's that??!?

A monthly box is just that...a BOX that I make MONTHLY for YOU. You get $25+ worth of specially selected products, plus some sample size goodies, plus anything else I decide to include for $20 (shipping included). Monthly Box orders also come with FREE SHIPPING on any other product ordered at that time as well as opportunities for exclusive discounts and promotions.

(Quantities are LIMITED each month, so jump in early to secure YOUR box!)

Fun tidbit before I go...the word TWO is one of those words that if you look at long enough, it no longer looks like a real word...random, I know.

So, with all that...see you next Monday (or Tuesday..because #fourkids)

Blessings to you!


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