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A Project of the Gifts From Creation Private Ministerial Association

Sharing among friends, the GIFTS of the beautiful creation we live in.

Welcome to Whakima Herbals. We have chosen to partner with Gifts From Creation and offer our products as gifts to donors who choose to help further the mission and other projects of Gifts From Creation. 

Check the tabs at the top or the drop down menu to find our amazing options of herbal remedies, tick bite care products, or other gift options for donating. 

Choose a donation level to view free gift choices or view all items to see donation levels. 

All donations go directly to the operation of Gifts From Creation, classes offered, and Project Phil. 4:19

By continuing through our website, you agree to the terms and conditions of Gifts From Creation, PMA. View Full Terms here.

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About Us

Who We Are

We started Whakima Herbals to bring our love of herbs and their gifts to anyone interested. Since our first day we’ve found joy in sharing the gifts of the earth with our friends. Our name is an acronym for While Holding A Kid In My Arms - a nod to how almost everything is done around here!

After joining Gifts from Creation and realizing what common ideals and dreams we have, in 2023 we chose to move all over our workings, as well as proceeds into the PMA and are thrilled to be working as a project with such and amazing group of people and in turn sharing the Gifts of our perfect Creation in blessing to others. 

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